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Current Research Description Status
PK - EVP Experiment 3 Experiment tests ability to create an EVP using PK.

Sample analysis phase - Revising Experiment Protocols

SB7 Testing Testing SB7 in various modes to determine actual responses vs. auditory pareidolia FM Fwd Fast Sweep complete. Other modes are scheduled.
RV - Equipment Test 02 Testing SB7, MEL meter, and Digital Audio Recorder using remote viewers. - Planning Phase -
Location Database Establishing a database for commonly investigated locations where Class "A" EVPs can be posted, compared, and analyzed for identification of specific voice characteristics. - Planning Phase -

Completed Research Description Results
Ouija Experiment 01 Experiment 01 conducted on 1 April, 2016. Experiment designed to test if subjects using a standard Ouija board can be psychically manipulated by remote viewers and psychic senders. UPDATE: Results to be published in June issue of Paranormal Underground Magazine.

Experiment Plan

Raw Results

Psychic Isolation Experiment

NEW Added 8/17/2015

 Using an isolation chamber for psychic experiment to test 2 research questions: Could reducing external stimulus improve concentration and enhance the ability to transmit a thought; and; could some random thoughts not be random, but rather reception of someone else’s thoughts.

7 Aug 2015 Results

3 Experiments at Walker-Ames

 3 Experiments were conducted at the Walker-Ames house in Port Gamble, WA on 2 May. Experiments designed to answer 3 research questions: A. Can remote viewers identify and manipulate a specific object within a room? B. Can remote viewers correctly identify a specific object within a target location? C. Can an EVP be recorded on a digital recorder with the condenser microphone bypassed?

2 May 2015 Results

Haunted Doll Testing

 Testing of an alleged haunted doll for an upcoming article by Karen Frazier.

Doll Test Results

 PK -Manifestation Exp. 02

Added 10/6/2014

1. Visual and audio recordings normally attributed to ghosts, unseen entities, spirits, and poltergeist activity, may at times be caused by PK manifestations from human occupants and investigators.
2. Similar thoughts by two or more people can influence the perceptions of others open to suggestion.

Experiment 02 Results

 PK -Manifestation Exp. 01

Added 4/3/2014

 Experiment tests ability to create an inanimate object by thought alone. Success to be determined by various equipment readings and whether or not the object can be determined by remote viewers.

Experiment 01 Results

Removing the antenna from the SB7 Tutorial Added 1/7/2014

This step-by-step pictorial tutorial shows how to safely remove the antenna from the SB7.

SB7 Antenna Tutorial

Remote Viewing (RV) Experiment 01 Added 7/17/2013

This experiment, the first in a series of experiments, was created to determine if common “ghost hunting” equipment can be psychically manipulated consciously or subconsciously by the living.

Experiment 01 Results

SB7 Experiment 01

FM Fwd Fast Sweep complete. Report available.

PK - EVP Experiment1 Experiment tests ability to create an EVP using PK. Miserable failure. Out of 36 samples, 12 false positives due to noise contamination.

Downloadable Experiments Description Status
PK - EVP Experiment1        7/30/2013

This experiment is available for any research team to download and conduct. It is divided into 3 parts: The overall experiment plan, Directions for test administrators, and the movie file that drives the experiment. It is HIGHLY recommended that this experiment is conducted in a soundproof space (audiology booth, recording studio, etc.). (Right click and "Save As")

Overall experiment plan (Word doc)      Instructions for test administrators (Word doc)      Experiment movie file (WMV format)

Available for Download

Planned Research Description Status
Sensitive Testing Documenting the physiological changes of sensitives and clairvoyants before and during interaction Planning Phase - Volunteers needed
High EMF Testing Documenting the physiological effects of a high EMF environment on investigators and if high EMF increases paranormal activity. Planning Phase - Volunteers needed

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